10 years of freelance theology!

This is the press release issued to mark the 10 year anniversary of freelance theology on 29 January 2014

Theology website marks ten years of answering faith questions

Freelance theology, an independent website offering answers to any questions related to the Christian faith, will mark its tenth anniversary in January 2014.

Website founder, Jon Matthias, who writes the answers for the site, described the first decade of freelance theology as having passed quickly.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s ten years since the first incarnation of freelance theology went live,” says Jon, who holds a Bachelor of Divinity in Theology from Cardiff University, and is a member of Glenwood Church in Cardiff.

The impetus for freelance theology was a discussion in a Christian bookshop while Jon was on his honeymoon. “I was in this little bookshop with my wife, Cathy, and the manager started talking to us and asked if we were students. We had just graduated and I said I’d studied theology. She then started asking several questions about predestination, which was a doctrine that her church really emphasised, but that she felt troubled by.”

“I explained that there were a number of different theological viewpoints and then I asked her why she felt she couldn’t ask her questions in her church. She said she would be reluctant to do that because she felt the church leaders would think she was causing trouble. That made me think that there should be somewhere for people to go and ask questions without being made to feel bad about it.”

Jon says that many of the people who contact freelance theology are Christians who are also reluctant to ask the questions that bother them in their churches.

“For whatever reason, many churches have developed a culture of not encouraging people to ask questions or voice their doubts,” says Jon. “Instead, people would rather ask a complete stranger on the Internet.”

In its first ten years, answers have been posted to questions asked by people all over the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe. Readers can also comment and ask further questions on articles, the Facebook page, or through Twitter. Jon also does regular radio slots for UCB Radio, and has led the Theology Café for CICC – the Cymru Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

Jon has plans to continue with the web-venture and says there is no sign of the questions slowing down, even if fewer answers have been posted to the website recently.

“It’s always interesting when someone asks a question,” he says. “I can never predict what the question will be, and many of them have made me go back to the Bible and my theology books to check details.”

“As I run freelance theology alongside my day job, I don’t always answer questions as quickly as I would like, but they do get answered eventually!”

The web address for freelance theology is www.freelancetheology.com or people can contact Jon via Twitter on @freelancetheol

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