“Pentecostal” defined

  • Question from TS, United Kingdom

    “What is Pentecostal?”

    Pentecostal is a word describing a particular branch of Christianity (denomination). It is a movement that grew out of a ‘revival’ in the early part of the twentieth century that was characterised by ‘speaking in tongues’ and other unusual phenomena.

    The word ‘Pentecostal’ was applied to this new form of Christianity because of the similarities to the events recorded in the Book of Acts chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit impacted upon the followers of Jesus. This event became known in the church calendar as Pentecost, hence ‘Pentecostal’.

    In the year 2000 there were 115 million Christians around the world who would class themselves as ‘Pentecostal’ or belonged to an official ‘Pentecostal Church’. (Source: Operation World, 2001)

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