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  • At the risk of seeming immodest, I thought I’d post some of the nice things people have said about freelance theology:

    Dear Jon, I’ve just come across your site and find it really interesting. – PR

    Hi Jon, I like your website, I fancy it could be quite a useful reference tool, particularly for new Christians and those who struggle to overcome niggling questions, as well as for Christians when they’re asked awkward questions by their friends! – GT

    I liked what you wrote in answer to my question on Stewardship. I’m chewing on it a bit. – CM

    Dear JM
    I just read the answer to my question, no one has explained it that clearly before, I should have just asked you ages ago!!! – FC

    Have you got a comment about freelance theology? Say what you like and, as long as it makes sense and doesn’t contain too many curse words, I’ll list your comment in a future section. Or you can just ask a question. What’s bugging you? What piece of ‘Christianese’ jargon are you trying to decipher? What question does your minister always try and avoid answering? Send it to freelance theology using the ‘mail me’ button.

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