Nice things people say

  • It’s always encouraging when people write and say nice things about freelance theology and occasionally some of them are recorded for posterity.

    From CP: Thanks for your update. I like the site a lot, and forwarded it to a couple of friends.

    From CF: Thank you Jon. You are a first class theologian.

    From MM: today was my first visit [to freelance theology], and having intended only to scan read one question and response, I have spent at least an hour reading all the questions and answers posted. Having been brought up the Anglican church, I have been reading the Apostolic Creed for many years; until today, I had never understood (or questioned!) why Jesus is ‘eternally begotten of the Father’. Thank you for teaching me something new and providing me with an essential detail about the Trinitarian and Eternal nature of God.

    If you would like to comment on anything you have read on freelance theology, then please write in! Compliments are always welcome!

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