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  • Question from SS, could be UK or USA

    I’ve been interested to read your site for a few days, and would have liked to follow up on a few things. I wondered if you had considered adding comments to your site, or whether you had decided against it for various reasons (e.g. – increased time demands).

    As some of the topics (e.g. Islam, homosexuality etc) can provoke an impassioned response among people, it is more appropriate to encourage further questions or comments by email. These are occasionally published on freelance theology as ‘dialogues’. This is the best way to maintain the impartiality of the site, as commentators could post offensive, obscure or irrelevant comments that would undermine the ethos behind freelance theology.

    If you would like to comment about anything you read on freelance theology, then please feel free to email. All emails are acknowledged and almost all questions are answered, although some answers may take some time!

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