2 year anniversary

  • It’s two years since freelance theology was launched. Along the way, questions have been asked by people from across the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe, Brazil to Singapore. Sometime within the next few months, I’m hoping to launch a new-look freelance theology, with more interactive options. In the meantime, there’s a backlog of questions to work through. If I haven’t answered yours yet, then please continue to be patient!

    Occasionally, I’ve posted some of the positive comments sent to me by readers. I’d like to thank everyone who has written me a question and those who’ve just written! As it’s a special anniversary, I’ve included some of the comments below. Remember, if you have anything you want to ask, or say about freelance theology, then you can email me any time.

    With best wishes

    Jon the freelance theologian

    Dear Jon, I came across you in Third Way (November 2005), looked up your site, and was really impressed by your answers. I have no idea how you manage to get through the amount and breadth of stuff on your site. Thanks.

    THANKS for your wonderful blog… I’ve spent the last hours reading and reading… great stuff. Thanks for your contribution to the rest of us 🙂

    I really enjoy reading your site; however, I must admit that although I was raised a Christian (Lutheran, Missouri Synod specifically) I am now basically agnostic. I have an idea for your site – a feature called, “Answer the Agnostic”. I think it would stimulate some lively debate, and I think your site has the intellectual rigor to make this interesting.
    [Jon replies: It’s a possibility. Do any other readers have suggestions?]

    Hi Jon. Glad for the information you gave. I passed my exams and will keep in touch soon as I am going to hopefully advance.

    Hi Jon,
    Very impressed with your reply on Zionism.
    The most recent posting – Jesus destroying the power of sin and death – another interesting subject and reply.

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