God’s physical and visible form

Questions 110 & 111, on the subject of God’s nature

Question 110, received from SD, United Kingdom
A while ago, we were talking to a friend about God. The conversation turned somehow to the physical form of God, and our friend started talking about a particular heresy which he said had been disproved in either the 15th or 16 century, (I can’t remember the details) about God having a physical body. As far as I’m concerned, the Bible says that man is made in the image of God, and to me that means a human body. I’m quite happy to accept that I’m wrong in this, but what I can’t understand is why does it matter? So what if I see God as an old man with a long beard sitting up there in heaven on his throne? But our friend got really upset about it.

Question 111, received from AB, United Kingdom
Do you say God has a form with which he shows himself to the angels and sits on his throne or is he entirely spirit?

These are awkward questions to answer, because Christian theology usually wants to firmly propose two contradictory positions. (more…)