Why Jesus should be at the centre

This was a short talk given by Jon the freelance theologian to the young people in a church in Cardiff, Wales. It was written in short bullet points and notes, which are reporduced here.

Why Jesus should be at the centre…

Jesus was there in creation and was the means by which the world was created

Pharaoh’s hard heart and free will

Question 146, from Carol, United Kingdom
Why is there such as difference in God’s attitude to mankind between the Old and New Testament? e.g. If God gave everyone a free will why did he then override this and harden Pharaoh’s heart in Exodus so that he wouldn’t release the Israelites from Egypt?

There are two big questions here based on two very big assumptions. The first is the assumption that there is a major difference between the way God is depicted as acting towards human beings in the Old Testament compared to the New. The second assumption is that human beings have free will, which God ignored when God chose to ‘harden Pharaoh’s heart’.

The Bible and homosexuality

Question 145, from EJ, United Kingdom
I have a friend who thinks he is gay but is worried about his beliefs with Jesus. What does the Bible say about being gay and what is your personal opinion?

There are a number of things to mention before looking at what the Bible ‘says’ or doesn’t say about homosexuality. The first important point to make is (more…)