‘Escapist’ activities

Question 147, from Justin, United Kingdom

What is the biblical perspective on escapist activities, such as watching TV, going to the movies or attending theatre? Is there any point to them? If they aren’t directly glorifying God, why should we spend time and money on them?

‘Leisure time’, as something enjoyed by everyone not just the wealthy is a fairly recent phenomenon. In Biblical times, when the majority of the population lived at a ‘subsistence level’ as farmers, herdsmen, fishermen and so on, ‘leisure’ wasn’t really a problem. In fact, it has been said that the idea of a Sabbath day of rest was unique in antiquity in relieving people of the necessity and expectation of working every day.

FTF (freelance theology feedback) April 09

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Further comments on Todd Bentley’s theology

In July 2008, an article was posted on freelance theology relating to the popular (and controversial) American preacher Todd Bentley. At the time, ‘revivalist’ meetings in Lakeland, Florida were being televised regularly in the UK on Christian cable channel GodTV, and both the preacher and his message were the subject of much debate in the Christian press.

However, since then there have been two significant developments. The main one as far as many commentators are concerned is a very public scandal.But from a theological point of view, there have been events as well. (more…)