FTF (freelance theology feedback) April 09

  • Occasionally some of the positive comments from readers get posted on here, plus there are one or two other things worth mentioning about how people use the site…

    The Todd Bentley article┬áis probably the best one I’ve read on the subject, thanks Jon….
    – Mark
    An update to this article is now online

    Dear Freelance Theology
    We recently used your answer to the question of war and pacifism as a basis for our church home group discussion. It provoked some very interesting debate and was a great tool for reference. The succinct summary of views from the Old and New Testaments were really accessible.
    – Clare

    Freelance theology has been approached recently by a student who wanted to quote an article in a college paper. For future reference, any material on this website can be quoted as long as credit is given to Jon the freelance theologian/freelance theology and the main web address (http://freelancetheology.com) is included in the Bibliography.

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