The veneration of Relics

Question 165, from Pauline, United Kingdom
What does the Bible say about the Roman Catholic practice of keeping Relics?

The veneration of the remains of ‘saints’, or other holy objects, is said to have been part of Christian tradition since the martyrdom of Polycarp, the Bishop of Smyrna, in 156AD, when members of Polycarp’s church reportedly gathered up his remains. Since that time officially sanctioned relics have been regarded in some churches as having healing or mystical properties, as they provide a connection between the worshipper and the saint who is in the presence of God.

Critics of the veneration of Relics cite possible pagan origins for the practice. For example, (more…)

The Trinity explained in a twenty minute talk

Earlier this year, Jon the freelance theologian was asked to explain the Trinity to a Christian youth group in a twenty-minute talk. Although it’s impossible to give full justice to the topic, here are some of the points he made.

We’re going to talk tonight about the Trinity, specifically: how can one God be three persons, or three persons be one God?

Imagine a person you know. What could you say about them?
They are (more…)