Questions and answers about Easter

Easter is coming and there have been quite a few questions related to it on freelance theology, including the very first question answered on the website. Here is a round-up of questions relating to Easter.

Can the Easter accounts in the gospels ever truly be reconciled to each other?

A theological guide to the film The Passion of the Christ.

Jesus sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemene

Q&A on the Stations of the Cross

Why were the crowd confused when Jesus cried out ‘Eloi, eloi, lama sabacthani’?

How many people saw Jesus after his resurrection?

The wounds of crucifixion on Jesus’ resurrected body

The Apostles’ Creed includes the phrase “He descended into hell” (referring to Jesus). This doesn’t get mentioned all that much when the Easter story is told – where does this bit of information come from, and how much do we know about it?

What happened to Judas? and on a related note, Did Judas go to hell?


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The different persons in the Trinity

Question 199, from Dominic, Australia

Are the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Christ one and the same?

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is quite confusing, and this question highlights the main problem with understanding it: namely, how different and distinct are the members of the Trinity?

A Trinitarian view asserts that there is ‘one God in three persons’. This links the original Jewish assertion that there is only one God, with the terms used in the New Testament, such as Jesus being described as the Son of God, and the term ‘Holy Spirit’. All three names are used when describing the rite of baptism in Matthew chapter 28, verse 19. (more…)