The 200th question on freelance theology

  • Question 200, from Sally-Ann via Twitter

    Why do you have horns on your theology?

    This is the 200th question to be answered on freelance theology, and so with that milestone in mind, I’ve chosen to talk about the freelance theology logo.

    freelance theology logo

    This question was asked on Twitter and referred to the ‘horns’ and ‘devil tail’ on the ‘g’ in ‘theology’. There is also a halo on the ‘f’ in ‘freelance’. This is deliberate, to show that theology falls in-between heaven and hell, in the here and now, and that it matters because it could affect our eternal destination. For the same reason there are heavenly clouds on the left of the logo and flames on the right hand side.

    If you are one of the people who posed one of the 200 questions on freelance theology over the last ten years, then thank you. There are more questions waiting to be answered, so keep coming back to read the latest.

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    1. Matt May 6

      Because I thought it looked good at the time?

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