Christians and the Sabbath

Question 202, from Ben, United Kingdom

What’s the summary of the Biblical teaching regarding the observance of the Sabbath? Particularly with regard to if it is binding on Christians today and what day it ought to be observed.

The Sabbath was established in the Old Testament, and was listed in the Ten Commandments with the order to ‘keep it holy’. The instructions regarding the Sabbath can be found in Exodus chapter 20, verses 8-12, where all work by the entire household and even non-Jews in the area is banned.

The reasoning given alongside the Sabbath instructions links the working week to the six days of creation in the book of Genesis, and the Sabbath to the ‘seventh day’ when God rested from the work of creation. A different reason is given when the Ten Commandments are included at the start of Deuteronomy (chapter 5, verses 12-15), where it is linked to giving servants a day to rest (more…)