The wounds of crucifixion on Jesus’ resurrected body

Question 209, from Jo, United Kingdom

If, when you’re resurrected, all physical ailments and disabilities are cured, then why did Jesus still have holes in his hands from the nails which Thomas could put his fingers into after He was resurrected?

There are three aspects to this question. Firstly, there is the understanding that post-resurrection human bodies are significantly improved versions of current bodies. The Apostle Paul writes about mortal, perishable bodies being raised immortal and imperishable (1 Corinthians chapter 15, verses 53-54). There are statements about heaven being a place with no pain or suffering (Revelation chapter 21, verse 4). Combining these leads to a conclusion that resurrected human beings will have new, immortal bodies that are not subject to sickness or disability. (more…)