1000 hits on freelance theology.

On May 31 freelance theology recorded its 1000th hit. This is a real positive achievement given that freelance theology has only been online since the beginning of 2004. Thank you for visiting and special thanks to all those who have submitted questions or comments, like the ones below!

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Comments from freelance theology readers

“Just wanted to say I think your site is great. There has been an online debate email thing going on with the Christian network of psychologists regarding homosexuality, some of them were coming up with some pretty convincing arguments and I was a little confused. I rocked up to your site and there it was, ‘my friend is gay’. I had never considered the fact that being gay makes no evolutionary sense. Very good for all the psychologists arguing it is genetically predisposed. Keep up the good work, I’ll be back – with friends!” – SLM, United Kingdom

“Good article on Noah – I think its absolutely right to take the emphasis away from the issues of whether it could have happened exactly like that and on to what God is trying to tell us through the story. It was interesting that you focused on the 150 days and how Noah must have felt that God had forgotten him. When I think of Noah, I always focus on how much faith he must have had to build the ark in the first place and stick to his guns when everyone laughed at him. It’s good to see another perspective!” – JW, United Kingdom

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An encouraging comment

I received the following kind words in an email from JW, United Kingdom: Managed to find the time to take a look at the site, and I was impressed – it’s good that people have a place to take their tough questions, where they have a chance of getting something other than a trite answer! You obviously put a lot of thought and research into your responses.

Reader’s Comments

At the risk of seeming immodest, I thought I’d post some of the nice things people have said about freelance theology:

Dear Jon, I’ve just come across your site and find it really interesting. – PR

Hi Jon, I like your website, I fancy it could be quite a useful reference tool, particularly for new Christians and those who struggle to overcome niggling questions, as well as for Christians when they’re asked awkward questions by their friends! – GT

I liked what you wrote in answer to my question on Stewardship. I’m chewing on it a bit. – CM

Dear JM
I just read the answer to my question, no one has explained it that clearly before, I should have just asked you ages ago!!! – FC

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